Writing Coach                                       

Have you ever wanted someone to talk to about your project? To brainstorm, to talk through writer’s block, help with characterization and plots, to share the joys and tribulations of the writing life and so much more. Well look no further!

Every coach works differently, but my coaching program includes two hours together every week – one reading and editing, one personal coaching via phone.

I have received so much help and support in my writing journey that I want to help  other budding writers find the joy and passion in their work.

Pricing starts at $10.00 a month.

Contact me to get started!!


Have you completed the first draft of your novel? Now it’s important to get feedback and see how the writing appeals to a reader. When I critique for you, I won’t be looking so much at grammar, though I will point out any major grammar mistakes; instead, I’ll be checking…

characters and dialogue
chapter beginnings and endings

I’ll approach your book as a reader, offering honest reactions alongside helpful suggestions. Note that you’ll still want to work with an editor and/or proofreader after this stage in order to catch the details.

The pricing starts at $0.75 a page.

Still wondering what a critique would look like? I’ll critique the first 1000 words of your book for free so you can get a better idea before committing!